About Us

About Us

A Smokehouse with a

Distinct Modern Flair

Classic Southern smoking methods and traditional ingredients heavily influence Bootleg Smokehouse, re-imagining beloved smoked dishes with contemporary plating and pairings for a refined culinary experience. Holding a steadfast dedication to hospitality from the kitchen to the dining room, we strive to provide a taste of ‘Southern Hospitality’ within the heart of Toronto. Located in a former historic home dating back to 1888, Bootleg Smokehouse holds a piece of Toronto’s history within its walls, with a contemporary interior it is the perfect environment to indulge.

We offer a range of delicious cocktails, local craft beer and a variety of wine and spirits, designed to pair with our smoke infused flavours.

Our Chef

Chef Kevin Diaz, a native Torontonian, has over 14 years experience within the culinary industry, studying under many renowned Toronto chefs at Bymark, Baro, Lamesa/Lasa and Kanpai Snack Bar; Kevin has a passion for fusion cooking and flavours.

Inspired by cuisines around the world, Kevin is currently focusing his passion for fusion fare with traditional Southern Smoke techniques and ingredients.


Check out our Instagram (@BootlegSmokeHouse) where we show you our day-to-day at the Bootleg Smokehouse on 64 Spadina.